Nourish. An Autmn Day Retreat

We welcome you to an Autumn Day Retreat on the 27th October. Let’s celebrate the change of season by listening to our bodies, tuning into our souls, creating rituals with our hands & eating a seasonal brunch. Come together, connect & share in community. Welcome to Nourish.

Autumn Programme


  • 09:45 Arrival & registration
  • 10:00 Opening intention
  • 10:15 Body – Soothing practice of yin yoga with breath & meditation


  • 12.00 Brunch – Plant based seasonal food with yummy treats & good coffee
  • 13.30 Create – Make your own personal aromatherapy spray & bath soak
  • 15:00 Soul – Guided sound healing, feel the vibrations resonate in your body
  • 16.15 Sharing & reflection
  • 16:45 Goodbye & close


Michaela will guide you on a soothing yin yoga journey. Take the time to slow down, checking in with how your body and mind feels. She will hold space, so that you can move within the deeper layers of your cells, nervous system, sensations and subtle energy. Creating freedom, flow, softeness. Open to all, beginners welcome.


Learn and taste the benefits of plant-based eating with Melanie. A seasonal brunch including all of your Autumn favourites. Think blackberries, apple crumble, fig and pear salads. Warming salads of roast pumpkin, spinach and pine nuts. To top it off decadent chocolate bean brownies!


We go back to our roots, the most natural experience of creating with our hands in community. Making, foraging, nurturing and practising rituals that bring us closer to mother nature. In the Autumn retreat you will create your own personal aromatherapy products. You learn which essential oils bring healing, relaxation and invigoration. Take home your creations in a bath soak and spray.


Connect to your soul, go back to your raw self and discover possibilities. Experience a guided sound healing, feel the vibrations in your body, moving you to a relaxed state so you can explore and observe your body and mind. Immersing you in a sound bath, the singbowls will resonate through your entire body like a wave of tranquillity. Each singing bowl produces a healing frequency and harmonics which is related to the 7 chakras in the body; base, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakra.

Meet the Team

Two Aussie girls loving life through learning, connecting and sharing!

Michaela is a modern day wild women. She offers yoga, meditation, sound healing, intuitive guidance & tarot. Exploring the practice of yoga for over 12 years, observing the relationship between the mind and body and how the mind has a ripple effect on the body. Her philosophy is to be open to new experiences and boundless ways to live consciously. She continues to be inspired and humbled by this human experience and what it means to truly live from the heart.

Melanie is an internationally trained yoga teacher and designer. Her passion for plant-based eating combined with her love of the arts, crafts and design set her on a journey to live a little bit simpler. Listening to the body, how it wants to move, eat and create. She shares with us her nourishing plant-based recipes, craft skills and wellness lifestyle.

Location: Yoga Tribe

Price: 140CHF per person

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