A New Year Wellness Retreat Day

You are invited to a day retreat on the 26 January 2019. Join us for yoga, community, plant based food and set your intentions for the new year.

In partnership with Healthy Her, join Melanie & Monia for a day of wellness. Come together as a community and feel the support from collective energy to set your intentions for the New Year. Enjoy an energising yoga flow, delicious plant based food, restorative yin yoga and guided visualisation meditation. Let your dreams manifest as we create beautiful vision boards full of intention, acceptance and self love.



09.45 Arrival, Registration & Opening Intention

10.00 Energising Morning Yoga Flow with Melanie

11.45 Plant Based Seasonal Brunch


13.15 Vision Board Workshop & Meditation – Set your intentions for 2019

14.15 Restorative Yin with Monia

15.30 Afternoon Tea, Ceremony & Reflection

16.30 Gift & Close

Yoga Classes

Vinyasa means to ‘place in a special way.’ Drawing from the poses in the ashtanga primary series, vinyasa flow is a fluid movement class to energise the body increasing fitness, strength, mobility and flexibility. Through creative sequences, learn to move organically through each pose with the breath, gaze and focus in balance.

Yin Yoga is a slow steady practice during which passive poses are held between 3-5 minutes. It works deeply into the connective tissue and fascia and compliments more dynamic forms of yoga. It is a practice of awareness and letting go at the same time . Yin is a healing practice that stimulates the flow of chi through the energy channels (meridians) in order to balance the body.

Brunch & Afternoon Tea

Learn and taste the benefits of plant based eating with Melanie. A seasonal brunch including all of your favourite healthy ingredients. Ingredients that Nourish the body, taste delicious and aid us in our overall health goals whether that is to balance our hormones, support our fitness goals or simply have more energy and vitality.

Vision Workshop

Come together as a community and feel the support of the collective energy to set your intentions for the New Year. You will connect with awesome people and get creative. Vision Boards, guided visualization and sharing exciting plans and dreams. Monia will share goal setting strategies and life coaching tools and techniques to support you to crystalize your vision & become closer to your creative self.

What we’ll be doing:

  • Identifying your values and feelings which are the foundations for helping you create a vision and to set intentions
  • Guided Visualisation Meditation
  • Get creative with your own big vision board and stay inspired!

Meet the Team

Melanie is an internationally trained yoga teacher and designer. Her passion for plant-based eating combined with her love of the arts, crafts and design set her on a journey to live a little bit simpler. Listening to the body, how it wants to move, eat and create. She shares with us her nourishing plant-based recipes, craft skills and wellness lifestyle.

Monia is passionate about making yoga accessible to everyone. She believes that yoga benefits the heart, mind , body and soul. She leads Yin, Restorative, Mindfulness and meditation classes with curated playlists and meaningful speak. She guides her students to move with intention, an open heart, seek the freedom within and acknowledge the power of now. Monia is a Life and Career Coach, with the ultimate goal to support people to transform their goals into reality and live an empowered life based on their full potential.

Healthy Her is an organization dedicated to improving the quality of women’s lives. HealthyHER’s mission is to offer a platform to women to learn about their body through health workshops and nutrition seminars, and add to their health by providing a wide range of physical activities. However, more importantly HealthyHER’s goal is to connect women in Zurich and foster friendships, because we strongly believe that the environment we live in matters and has a major impact on our overall health.

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Location: Nilu Yoga, Thalwil

Price: 130chf

Time: 10am-4.30pm

What to bring: We will have everything you need! However…if you wish you can bring any favorite photographs or pictures you have that you would like to put on your vision board. Feel free to also bring any magazines that you love that you have hanging around your home.

This event will be held in English.

This event is suitable for all age groups and fitness levels.