Yoga is for everybody. Yoga celebrates all ages, body types and fitness levels. It is just a matter of finding the class that is right for you. There are many types of yoga you can practice; from restorative classes to classes designed for a fitness workout. There are also many ways in which to practice yoga. Once you have decided which type of yoga is right for you, you will need a yoga mat and comfortable clothing.


Yoga is essentially a lifestyle that focuses our mind away from the constant noise that comes from thinking in the past or the future. This is known as the ‘monkey mind.’ Jumping from past to future and never really feeling the present self.melaniewatkinsyoga_monkeyiconYoga draws us to peace, shows us ways in which we can feel present through certain practices known as the 8 limbs of yoga. These are:

Asanas – Physical Postures, Pranayama – Manipulation of Breath, Pratyhara – Withdrawal of the Senses, Dharana – Concentration, Dhyana – Meditation, Yamas – Codes of Conduct, Niyamas – Positive Behaviours, Samadhi – Enlightenment/ Liberation

By practicing yoga we learn to live more mindfully, make better decisions, nourish the body and soul, become empathetic to our ourselves and others and place trust in the universe. Yoga uncovers our ‘True Self’ (Atman). Living in the present means we are aware of our physical surroundings, our thoughts are constant but we disattach ourselves from illusions and modifications that our mind creates in order to find truth. When asked ‘Who are you?’ we naturally fill the answer with connotations of who we think we represent. Mother, brother, wife, accountant, survivor. In truth, we are only what we observe. A yoga practice not only improves mental state but has many physical benefits. These include:

Flexibility, Strength and Muscle Tone, Fitness, Mobility, Improved Posture, Pain Relief, Improved Blood Pressure, Improved Sleep, Bone Density & Detoxification.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa is a modern, popular style of yoga in which poses are placed in a special way creating a variety of sequencing options. Vinyasa adds a fluidity to a physical yoga practice and is a fun style that can be adapted to all fitness levels and age groups. I offer the below class structures to my students:

Vinyasa Flow, Restorative, Pre & Post Natal Yoga, Beginners & Intermediate levels.