Celebrate your feminine energy and join us for a day of empowerment, self love and community on the 23rd March 2019. We bring together a group of wellness professionals to inspire your wellness journey focusing on movement, nutrition, body positivity, relationships and emotional wellbeing. The day is about forming friendships and equipping you with tools for self care.


  • 09.15am Arrival & Registration
  • 09.30am Yoga with Rachael Loxston
  • 11.00am Plant Based Brunch
  • 12.30pm Body Positivity Workshops:
    • SSSex, Sexuality & Sensuality- a wholistic you! with guest speaker Elmien Barnard, Sex Therapist
    • Intuitive Eating: Healing your food mindset with guest speaker Caitlin Ball, Health Coach
  • 3.00pm Meditation & Ceremony with Deborah Shkodra aka @Mama_universe_
  • 4.00pm Afternoon Tea and Close

Meet the Team

Rachael turned to yoga after suffering muscular injuries through her passion for pole fit. She realised that physical movement should have a purpose for the body and be both healing and nurturing. This revelation completely changed her perspective challenging the commonly held belief that the sole purpose of exercise is to make the body look a certain way. Rachael studied Yoga in its traditional form and completed her teacher training in Rishikesh, India. She has taught internationally over Europe and the Middle East and now joins us in Zurich. Rachael wishes to create an environment of acceptance in her classes staying true to the notion that Yoga is for everybody.

Elmien is a Sex Therapist originally from South Africa. She has a Baccalaureus Sexologiae-degree as well as a B.Comm degree in Psychology. Her experience is human, not clinical. She approaches the subject through friendship and understanding. As a professional, lover and woman, the goal in her workshop is to guide you to build power and confidence in your life. Feel in control of who you are and what you can achieve by adoring yourself and giving yourself the tools to be amazed by how amazing you are.

Caitlin is a Health & Lifestyle Coach helping women quit dieting so they can finally trust their food choices, be confident in their bodies, and love their lives. Through her Quit Dieting for Good group program, 1:1 coaching, and local workshops, she teaches women how to eat intuitively and take care of their whole self, inside and out. She can’t live without dark chocolate or red wine and doesn’t think anyone should have to!

Deborah is a meditation and mindfulness teacher. Her passion is creating magical wellness experiences for body, mind and soul using crystals, oils and herbs as a guiding light for healing. She offers energy reiki-treatments to clear the mind, heal body and soul. She helps others relax and rejuvenate.

Melanie is an internationally trained yoga teacher and designer. Her passion for plant-based eating and wellness combined with her love of yoga, arts, crafts and design set her on a journey to live a little bit simpler. Listening to the body, how it wants to move, eat and create. She shares with us her nourishing plant-based recipes, craft skills and wellness lifestyle.


  • This event will be in English
  • This event is open to all women, all bodies.
  • Price 99CHF

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Yoga + Mala Bead Workshop

Yoga + Mala Bead Workshop

Join us for yoga followed by a delicious plant based brunch and Mala beads workshop on the 27th April At Live Fit Studio. Granola pots, healthy vegan treats and seasonal salads. Learn the ancient art and symbolism of Mala beads.


  • 10:00am Vinyasa Yoga Class with Camilla
  • 11:00am Plant Based Brunch
  • 12:00pm Mala workshop
  • 14.00pm Close & Goody Bag

Vinyasa means to place in a special way. A yoga practice that uses creative sequencing to create a fluid movement of the body. Build strength, increase mobility and encourage flexibility in both body and mind. The physical body works with the subtle body as we listen to the body, releasing control and attachment – being aware of the present through asana, breath and mindfulness.

Delicious plant based recipes to nourish your body. The menu is made with love to restore the body, giving the body a nutritional boost. We start with a health shot infused with essential oils followed by seasonal produce. Breakfast salads, homemade granola pots, sweet and savory delights to ensure there is something for everyone. Your choice of vegan milks, unlimited coffee, tea, turmeric latte and herbal infusions with your brunch.

Mala beads traditionally were used to count the repetition of mantras, breath and prayer. In this workshop, you will learn more about the symbolism of Mala beads, traditional mantra to incorporate into your yoga practice and how to make your own Mala necklace. All materials and semi-precious beads included in your ticket price.

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Come flow with me

Come flow with me

Vinyasa Flow yoga classes with an all encompassing focus on strength, mobility and flexibility in both body and mind. The class is dynamic, allowing participants a variety of options to challenge their body but also restore and condition. Suitable for beginners to intermediate level.

Class List

Monday 19:00 – 20:30 Vinyasa Flow Immersion ¦ Melanie Watkins Yoga, Thalwil / 35 CHF or class pass.

Wednesday 20:00 – 21:15 Slow Yoga ¦ Kickbox Aerobics, Thalwil / 28CHF mindbody app

Saturday & Sunday: See events list here.