Hi There! I would like to take this opportunity to share my yoga journey with you.

Yoga is my daily outlet that has become integral to my routine. Some days I love attending a class, other days a 20 minute slow session before bed. I mix it up with sweaty self-practice at home and often I just find stillness. A comfortable space to stop and just breathe – acknowledging how I feel on an emotional and spiritual level. Regrouping with myself, checking in – am I aware of right now?

I started my yoga journey 10 years ago as a way to overcome anxiety and find balance for hormonal disorders I was experiencing with endometriosis. I began a self-practice in the comfort of my own home with postures I had picked up at my local gym. Through my practice I discovered a calm that I wasn’t able to achieve through traditional exercise. I had always loved dancing and running and the sense of achievement I felt after a long session. But yoga gave me something different. It stripped away ego and ambition and this constant need to achieve and became an outlet of self-acceptance and self-love. A practice that was only for me in my own space to nourish my body, move fluidly and slowly through aches and pains, increase my strength and flexibility, improve my sleep and the detoxification of my organs.

Over the years I learnt more about yoga, the philosophies associated with the practice and made it my lifestyle. Growing up I had never really believed in anything spiritually or religiously. Yoga was the first time for me that I really started to understand and believe in the power of the universe and also the power of community. Everyone is free to their perception on this- we are all observers, experiencing life differently through what we see. However, for me, trusting in the universe, this concept of being part of universal energy, has given me a perspective over my life, events that occur and outcomes that has transformed my anxiety and emotional development.

I want to share this with others. And so, I have continued my yoga education. I trained in London for my formal teaching education with Yoga London, completing 200 certified hours in Vinyasa, Anatomy, Philosophy, Meditation & Mindfulness. My yoga teaching approach is catered uniquely to you. Your needs. Your body and where you feel emotionally and spiritually. I look forward to teaching you and sharing my knowledge so that you can find what it is you seek.


Melanie x

p.s. my lovely photographs have been taken by the talented Daniela based in London @squareclick_photography